Your easy guide to the best holiday in Corfu

Things to do in Corfu Island

Corfu, the enchanting Greek island, offers a plethora of activities for every traveler. Explore the UNESCO-listed Old Town with its Venetian architecture, charming shops, and cozy cafes.

Discover the island’s natural beauty by visiting breathtaking beaches like Paleokastritsa and Glyfada or hiking through lush landscapes of Mount Pantokrator. Immerse yourself in history at the Achilleion Palace or wander through ancient ruins like Angelokastro. Indulge in the island’s gastronomy, sampling local delicacies and wines. Experience vibrant nightlife in Corfu Town or unwind in tranquil villages.

From cultural immersions to outdoor adventures, Corfu ensures a fulfilling and unforgettable holiday experience.

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