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Paxosconstructor is a privately owned company active in Paxos in the field of construction of summer residences. The company started to work in Paxos 25 years ago by Christos Arvanitakis as Christos Arvanitakis building work (see profile) and continues up to date with a new name paxosconstructor.

In 25 years of activity in Paxos, we have built remarkable constructions (see services) always with respect to the natural beauty of Paxos, the traditional architecture, with friendly materials to the environment for the needs of the island.

We have the ability to perform all types of construction by skilled craftsmen, equipment, building materials in close cooperation with civil engineers, architects, engineers, exterior and interior designers with excellent construction experience and Paxi’s needs in terms of physical protection and non- alteration of the natural landscape for an affordable construction on the island. Tackling in a timely manner possible construction problems that may arise in a construction.

Our aim is to provide high quality services at affordable prices for all and accurate time deliveries according to the requirement of manufacture.

Contact us to get to know and give you a financial offer on what you have imagined to build on our beautiful island.

Building Construction

Eco friendly constructions, the newest technology, high quality construction management.

Building Repairs

Whatever repairs your building needs, Chris Arvanitakis is here to help.


When you contract with us for your demolition project, we’ll handle the whole thing from top to bottom.


Pouring a foundation is a critical step in building your home, so we make sure you know what to look for.

Painting & Exterior

Paint makes all the difference on the exterior of your home! Chris Arvanitakis has you covered with services to fit your every exterior home painting need.

Site Management

Chris Arvanitakis oversees the whole variety of resources, including labor, equipment, materials and capital.

List of Services

Construction Services

Keys in Hand

New constructions from concrete or stone


Old Building restorations

Repair Services

Exterior landscaping

Pools with surrounding areas

Construction materials

Thermal / Moisture Insulations

Forged cement 

Traditional wooden tile roofs 

Extra Services

Real estate

Real estate advicing

Villas keeping

Villas management

Type:Constructions & Building
Location:Paxos Island
Manager:Mr Chris Arvanitakis
Email:[email protected]
Web Site:


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