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Welcome to Naok Azur, a special designed balcony to the Ionian Sea that exceeds all expectations. Lounging all day either for breakfast or snacking is made extraordinary in this exquisite setting offering stunning views of the Old Fortress of Corfu, Naok Beach, Garitsa Bay and Greek Mainland right in the heart of the Old Corfu Town.
Whether it is for a special event, or to enjoy a few specialty cocktails in a laid back and relaxing setting in a with friends, Naok Azur provides the optimum in service by paying close attention to detail to meet the needs of each and every guest.

- Enjoy your day at Naok Beach one of the very few beaches in Corfu Town with lifeguard on duty and full service bar and catering available.

- Enjoy your night in one of the three full service cocktail bars or dance the night away at our exclusive club Azur Downstairs which all have evolved into Corfu’s hottest nightlife destination, with a huge variety of premium spirits, VIP tables, and a diverse rotation of top DJs .

The Place

Naok Azur is situated in one of the most picturesque places in Corfu Town.

Overlooking the Old Fortress, Naok Beach, the Garitsa Bay and the Greek Mainland makes the perfect scenery for a romantic and relaxed time.

The Beach
The small beach at N.A.O.K. is a property of the Nautical Club of Corfu (Naftikos Athlitikos Omilos Kerkyras). The locals love swimming in a  well organised beach with sunbeds and umbrellas which can be used free of charge by our guests, a clear and safe sea , just a few steps from their homes.

The Old Fortress
The Old Fortress of Corfu (Paleo Frourio), eastern point of Corfu town peninsula, is a Venetian fortress in the city of Corfu which was built in 1546 on the site of a Byzantine castle . The fortress initially contained the old town of Corfu that had emerged during Byzantine times.

Before the Venetian era the promontory, which lies between the Gulf of Kerkyra to the North and Garitsa Bay to the south, was defended by Byzantine fortifications which the Venetians largely replaced with fortifications of their own design. As part of their defensive plans the Venetians separated the promontory from the rest of the city of Corfu by creating the Contrafossa, a moat which is a sea channel connecting the Gulf of Kerkyra to the North with the Bay of Garitsa to the South, converting the citadel into an artificial island. To the west, you have a gorgeous view of the town and to the east the mountainous Albania coast. Most of the Venetian fortifications inside were destroyed by the British, who replaced them with their own structures, like the Church of St. George, built to look like a Doric temple. Nowadays the Fortress houses the Public library of Corfu which is located in the old British barracks. The Hellenic Music Research Lab of the Ionian University is also located there. The fortress grounds are also used for various types of art and culture exhibits. For more information, please visit


There is a lot of yachting going on in Corfu and the Ionian, which, in general, is an ideal place for sailing and yachting with steady fair winds all summer long.

If you come in your own yacht in Corfu Town you can moor off at the NAOK harbour, as well as at the Old Port. The Marina, Gouvia offers you a comfortable stay, very close to Corfu town. You can also moor off at Benitses Marina, not far from Corfu town.


NAOK Harbour
The harbour of the NAOK yacht club lies on the S side of the Venetian castle, next to the anchorage of Garitsas Bay, and it  is protected from S by an L-shaped breakwater. On the outside of the breakwater are moorings for superyachts. Water and electricity are on the quay. Showers and toilets at the yacht club. Wifi.

For more information please visit the NAOK Yacht Club:


Mandraki Harbour
It is situated right under the N wall of the prominent Venetian fortress on the headland of Corfu Town. It is protected from the prevailing NW winds by a long breakwater enclosing laid moorings tailed to buoys or the quay for around 60 yachts. It is the headquarters of POIATH Yacht Club of Corfu (Hellenic Off-Shore Sailing Club) and IOK (Corfu Sailing Club) but visitors can also moor there.


Garitsas Bay
Garitsa Bay lies just S of the Venetian Castle and the NAOK yacht club harbour and it  has good access to the old town and nice clear waters. It is  a very  popular  gathering point for some of the most exclusive yachts in the world. Sheltered from the summer winds the waters in the bay are very safe and offer good anchorage to any size boat while  the view of the Old Fortress and Corfu Town make a magical place to be.

Indulge in an exotic medley of martinis, specialty drinks and cocktails in an exquisite vivid ambient and mood lighting area which creates an ultra-sensory experience and a state-of-the-art sound system, built to suit the needs of all music types.  Simply stated, Naok Azur the Bar is elegant, exclusive and one of Corfu s’ most desirable must be places to party.

Long after the sun sets, take pleasure in the art of the cocktail and the premium drinks by our specialized Bartenders while viewing the magnificent panoramic view. Naok Azour evolves into Corfu’s hottest nightlife destination, with VIP tables, a diverse rotation of DJs and live performances.

We can also offer a full range of event services from food and beverage packages to décor,  florals, and a diverse variety of entertainment options.

Put on your dance shoes and dance the night away in the exclusive stage of Naok Azur, Azur Downstairs – the only all night dance club in Corfu Town with world-class electronic music which boasts about a hefty sound system, an intimate dance floor and a line-up of local and international DJs.

Doors open every night after 23:00pm.

Start your day in Naok Azur Café, with a juice, an espresso coffee or a breakfast selection from our menu.

The sweet aroma of our daily roasted fresh coffee  is sure to lure you in. Our Blend is a perfect mixture of 8 different coffees all of them 100% Arabica. (4 Brazilian, 1 Colombian, 1 Nicaraguan, 1 Guatemalan). It is a local artisan (manufactured) coffee which is made and roasted by a local Micro Roastery.

Our baristas, who are very knowledgeable about roasting and brewing methods perfectly craft the latte art on our own coffee blend.

You can enjoy a moment of stillness away from everything  in our cafe while you have the perfect view of Garitsa Bay, the Old Fortress and the Greek Mainland.

Type:Bar / Club
Location:Corfu Town
Open:April - October
Manager:Mr George Tsonas
Email:[email protected]
Web Site:


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