Corfu Museums

Your easy guide to all museums in Corfu Island

Corfu Museums

Archaeological Museum of Corfu

    The Archaeological Museum of Corfu in Corfu, Greece was built between 1962 and 1965. The museum land was donated by the city of Corfu. Its initial purpose was to house the archaeological finds from the Temple of Artemis in Corfu. In 1994 it was expanded...

The Achilleion in Corfu, Greece

An Inspiring Day at The Achilleion in Corfu, Greece I’m standing in a beautiful courtyard overlooking a panoramic view of flowering gardens, a green forested hillside and far below, the sparkling blue Ionian Sea. Surrounding me stand the Muses: all nine of them. I’m...

Paleopolis and Mon Repos mansion on Corfu

Corfu's ancient city of Paleopolis occupies a prime spot on the Kanoni Peninsula amidst lush wooded grounds and a view of the sea. Surrounded by ancient walls, the ruins of ancient Corcyra (Kerkyra, or Corfu) lie just four kilometers south of Corfu town and the site...

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