Corfu Easter

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Corfu Easter

Corfu Easter

Easter in Corfu The most spectacular event of the year…..

For the Greek people, Easter is by far one of the most important festival of the year and Easter in Corfu is unique! Good Friday brings solemn processions in memory of the burial of Christ. The processions are happening throughout the Island in every little village. The main procession that holds the most splendor starts at the Cathedral in Corfu Town at night fall and is watched by thousands of people. Many visitors come from Athens and all over Greece to fill the narrow streets of Corfu. The heart of the procession is the ‘Epitaphios’ a bier representing the body of Christ, beautifully decorated and carried aloft by soldiers and sailors, with all the High priests in brilliant robes, uniformed bands, school children ,choirs, and all the faithful believers.

Holy Saturday - At 9:00 am begins the procession of St. Spyridon, the saving St. of the Island. The relics of St. Spyridon are kept in a silver coffin in a tiny dark room in the corner of the church, where the main source of light comes from the slender votive candles carried by the faithful. His remains are carried through the town as the bands play the theme from Hamlet ( played only on this day, and at no other time throughout the year ) .The most interesting place to be at the stroke of 11:00 on Saturday morning is the old section around the Liston Where the peaceful calm is shattered as a shower of pots and vases filled with water are thrown from thousands of windows and balconies to the streets down below, much to the delight of the locals and bewilderment of tourist ! Symbolizing good luck for the year to come. A custom celebrated only in Corfu.

The evening once again brings thousands of people to the town where everyone assembles holding unlit candles while the Bishop of Corfu conducts mass. At the stroke of midnight the Bishop announces that “Christ has risen” and the bands burst into sound, cannons roar from the fortress, fire works explode , bells start ringing and everywhere is once again ablaze as every one lights their candles. A spectacular event! Not to be missed.

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