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Prices include:


FULL INSURANCE with excess 450.00€ -Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)


Unlimited Kilometers


All taxes included - 24% local vat


CORFU road map


Delivery, and drop off from port/airport for free.


Free delivery up to 10 km from Port/Airport.


Free 24 hours road service.


All cars with A/C


Experienced and immediate 24/7 assistance from our friendly staff

Not included:


Αdditional driver for 2 Euros/Day


GPS available on request for 2 Euros/Day


Late delivery from 22.00 – 06.00


For longer distances (10km) you pay an extra charge of €15 (once)

Rental Terms


The reservation for a car rental is completed in any desirable way, namely by completing the on-line reservation form on our website or by sending us an e-mail or even by the live chat service on our website. After the confirmation of your reservation you will receive a reservation number by email.

Last minute reservations (less than 24 hours to your arrival) are always subject to availability. 

Minimum age is 21 years for car group A; 23 years for groups B, C, and 25 years for any of the other car groups. You will also need a valid, Greek driver’s license or a driver’s license of the EU Member States or an International Driver’s license which was issued at least
one year ago.

Credit Card is not required.

The minimum duration of a car rental is 24 hours. Every additional hour is charged with 1/5 of the daily charge.

Tax of 24% is added to the total amount.

Fuel consumption is payable by the renter.

Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law during rental period are solely the renter’s responsibility.

The vehicle may be used ONLY for legal purposes.

Rentals cannot be ferried to and from an island without the advanced written authorization.

Rentals are valid only within Greece. The renter cannot travel outside the borders of Greece without a written consent.

Extension of rental beyond the agreed terminating date cannot happen without the advanced written authorization and the required prepayment is being done so that the insurance cover is extended. Failure to do so may mean that the rental is being driven without insurance.


Renters are insured for public liability insurance, third party property damage insurance, for fire and theft of the vehicle.

Renters can obtain with an extra charge a Full Collision Protection, excluding the first €450.

Renters can also obtain with an extra charge a Personal Accident Insurance.

The insurance does not cover any damages that may have been incurred while the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Damages are not covered in case the car is being driven on an unpaved road or is involved in vehicle racing or illegal actions.

Damages on the interior of vehicle, under the vehicle or tires are not covered by any insurance if they have not been caused as a result of a vehicle accident.

In general, the renter should know that the following damages are not covered by any insurance company:

From the drivers intention.
From invasion, hostility, act of war, demonstration, riot, strike, coup d’ etat, revolution, requisition.
From flood, typhoon, hurricane, windstorm, volcano eruption, earthquake.
The moment the vehicle is on a ship or ferryboat.
From fines or the redemption of penalties imposed by administrative police or judicial authorities, due to law violations or police orders.

D1. Accident Reporting
In case of an accident, the renter must submit a written declaration to the insurance company. Before the renter submits this declaration, he/she should not in any way admit responsibility or guilt and claims of third parties in any way, direct or indirect. The written declaration should be submitted within 24 hours from the accident. If the renter is not able to visit the offices of
Corfu Car Rental, then the written declaration could be
submitted via fax or e-mail.
D2. Collision Damage Waiver (Gross Insurance)

The renter’s liability for damage to the rented vehicle is limited.

Categories: A1, A3, B2 have an EXCESS of €450 (max. charge)

Categories: A2, C3, D4, D5, E5, H8, I9, A4, J10 have an EXCESS of €600

Categories: F6, K11, L12 have am EXCESS of €1.000

Traffic accidents

In case of a traffic accident during the rental agreement period, the driver should firstly take care of his own safety and the safety of his passengers. Then he/she should inform Corfu Car Rental. In case of a traffic accident with no substantial material damages the driver can decide if it is safe to continue driving or to ask for
replacement of his vehicle. It is advisable in any accident that the driver call the police so that they make a written report. In case the police do not fill a report, the driver must write down the license plate of the other vehicles involved in the accident, the full name of the driver, his/her telephone number and the name of the insurance company that covers the other vehicles. Then he/she must submit a written declaration to Corfu Car Rental stating how the accident exactly happened.

Mechanical damages

The vehicles are delivered in excellent condition. Nobody although can exclude the possibility of a mechanical damage. All vehicles are covered by Roadside Assistance (ELPA – 104). In case of breakdown the driver can call us from 08:00 to 21:00 in order to inform the Roadside Assistance company to check the damage. If the damage can be fixed instantly, then the Roadside Assistance company
restores the damage. If the damage is serious, then Corfu Car Rental company resorts to the replacement of your vehicle. During the off-work hours (21:00 – 08:00) the renter should call the Roadside Assistance on his/her own at 104 and the replacement, if necessary, is completed until the next morning. However, the replacement time depends on the distance from the closest station. The estimated time needed for the replacement is usually 4-5 hours.

Lost keys

The keys of all vehicles of Corfu Car Rental are immobilizer. For each vehicle there is only one spare key. In case the renter loses his/her keys, he/she must immediately notify Corfu Car Rental in order to receive a spare key, without trying in any way to start the vehicle. The renter is charged for making a new key. Corfu Car Rental is obliged to deliver to the renter the relative
receipt from the vehicle manufacturer’s agent.

Keys locked in the car

The renter must notify Corfu Car Rental in order either to
send a locksmith to open the vehicle or to send a spare key. The renter is charged for the services provided by the locksmith or the dispatch of the spare key.

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