Casa Parlante Museum

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“Welcome! Please, come in! The Count will be with you presently. He hopes you will join him and the Countess in the drawing room for tea.”

This is what you would hear at Casa Parlante, the most alive historical museum in Corfu.

A 19th century noble mansion comes to life with stories to tell. In the unique architectural setting of a classical mansion in the historic Old town of Corfu, the everyday life of the island’s 19th century nobility is recreated.

Through animated figures, using robotic technology, and the perfect reproduction of décor and furnishing, Casa Parlante promises to deliver you a true insight into bygone Corfu.

Awakening all your senses, the traditions of the island unfold in front of you, depicting family life in an authentic experience of sights, sounds and smells.

Before your eyes the house will come to life…Listen to the children of the family playing music, smell the aromas of the cook’s virtuosic cuisine, read the headlines of the Count’s newspaper…

Casa Parlante is a unique museum: it brings history to life and lets the visitor breathe it in…

The Museum

Casa Parlante is placed in a time period that is characterised as a historical milestone for Corfu. In the 19th century, the capital of the “United States of the Ionian Islands” becomes the intellectual and cultural center of Greece.

At the same time, trade, economy and fine arts flourish. Venetians, French and British conquerors – because of their influences- create a unique cosmopolitan identity for the island and the artistic and cultural traditions bring together important personalities from all over Europe in the historical center of the Old Town of Corfu.

The architectural style of the Old Town represents a rare example of a western architectural form which developed in our country. Buildings are raised on different periods of time and that offers a unique atmosphere on the whole architectural structure of the Old Town.

The aristocratic mansions of the town become magnets for the European intellect and art. Old Town’s society is highlighted by the residences, a fact that shows the uniqueness and the cultural wealth of that era. Contrary to the rural mansions, Old Town’s aristocratic residences dive into the past of each noble family through heirlooms, valuable objects, paintings and furniture; they confirm family’s social status, outline the style of the owners and gine away hints about their past and their habits.


Contact info:

Νikiforou Theotoki 16
49100, Corfu,Greece
+30 26610 49190
[email protected]

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