Corfu Gastronomy Guide

Explore and experience Corfu Gastronomy. Local food, signature dishes and suggested restaurants and taverns.

Traditional Corfu Food is an international fusion. Though Greek and Venetian are the strongest influences, spices from the east, cooking methods from France as well as other parts of the Mediterranean and even the remnants of British occupation, have all left their mark on Corfu food.

Corfiot cuisine is dominated by the use of wine, garlic and eastern spices, like cloves, allspice, cinnamon and more.

As well as some traditional Corfu food you will find plenty of traditional Greek dishes on the island.

So, in this guide, you’ll learn the stories behind what to eat in Corfu as we explore 18 amazing Corfu dishes.

Essential Ingredients in Traditional Corfu Food

Corfu is a verdant green garden compared so some other, drier, islands in Greece. And this certainly has led to good growing land. And, of course, as an island, they are surrounded by great seafood.

Basic seasonal ingredients include everything from zucchini to mussels. Figs to Sea bream (Lavraki). All of the fresh ingredients you’d expect in the Mediterranean kitchen.

But there are a few particular ingredients that are worth a special mention.


Corfu Gastronomy: Recipes

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